Below we listed questions which you may have in mind concerning our service. The answer is also below it.

How to download our tool?
We make sure that every post comes with a download button. You will need to click on the button for download to begin.

Why Pop Up and Surveys?
Since we don’t like spam, we use this to confused bots and make them difficult to use any content on the site.
This measure also helps in making sure there is no leaching or patching from bots or hackers on our tools.

Is this free to download?
Our tools are free depending on your location. We always charge a small fee generally, if there is too much download congestion.

Nothing to install after completing survey?
Depending in your device platform, you will get a setup file which you need to install or a mod tool to install and use. Of in case you don’t get any, clean your device with ccleaner and re-download the tool. If problem persist, contact us.

Why error during installation?
Make sure you have enough space at least 10MB and 256RAM. Anything less than this not work.

I have a different Question
Click on our contact us tab to send us your Question.